Friday, October 19, 2007

Offenbach lines formed

"Herr Oberst!" called a soaked subaltern of the Frankfurt Guild Jager company. A hooded and cloaked man waved back to him and both hustled thru the muddy street in a downpour.

The two officers hustled to "The Oak" a roadside coaching house and current Frankzonian Headquarters.

In the main room both took off their cloaks and glancing about saw dozens of other officers crowded either around the fire, drying out themselves or huddled over a plan map of the Offenbach area, in discussions.

Oberst Hillenbrand, shaking his shoulders again after taking off the wet travelling cloak, his suspenders never did get properly set this morning, stepped closer to the fire long enough to drop off the wet cloak and grab a jug of wine, then walked to just behind the other officers at the map. He turned to the still wet and uncomfortable subaltern whom had followed him, eyes blazing and seeming to burst with his urgency.

"Very well," Oberst Hillenbrand began to pour a mug of wine for both of them, "What news from the piquets?"

"We are driven back sir." letting the gravity of the news and tone of voice tell for him the situation.

Oberst Hillenbrand shoved his way to the map and elbowed away another junior officer to let the sabaltern to the map,
"Where?" he nodded to the map.

The subaltern considered the map layout then moving his hand in a broad arc past the two major hills that dominated the west road into Offenbach he stated,
"All three stations have been pushed back to the brow of both hills, we shall likely spend the night either in the fort, if the Soweiter regulars will open the gates, or at the very least in the lee of the hills away from enemy view."

Oberst Hillenbrand considered this,
"So the Soweiter troops are marching out from the town now?"

"NO Herr Oberst, we are being driven back by the advance guard and mercenary cavalry of the Stagoinans!" the young man spat at the floor after saying the last word.

Oberst Hillenbrand eyes went wide a moment, then he looked again back to the map. He drained the mug of wine then simply stated,
"Everyone remain here, we shall need runners before the night is out."
Oberst Hillenbrand then purposefully strode into General Beinz's room that he was using for an office, the aide de Camp shouting for him to stop as he passed...

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