Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Temptress in a Teaspout

Okay, I'm an isolated gamer that's been cheering on Jeff's initiative to have "proxy" battles.
So far, the response seems to have been "a pox on proxies!"
So ... perhaps it might help to stir things a bit.
A while ago, there was a threat to the Soweiter League.
In the same brotherly spirit that motivated Stalin to protect Poland from the first Nazi invasion, I dispatched a couple of battalions of infantry and a couple of squadrons of cavalry "to defend" Offenbach, a town of the Soweiter League which lies a few kilometers upstream from Frankfurt on the left bank of the Main.
Now I don't know what the Soweiter League had in Offenbach, but I'm guessing it was a seriously understrength battalion and squadron perhaps supported by a regiment of militia ....
So, a small scale battle where all the lurid intracacies of tactics and improvised role playing can be included could have resulted ... with the Soweiter League enjoying the advantages of village and quick defensive works ...
If the Soweiter player would be amenable, shall we have a volunteer/s to resolve this little contretemps???
Hurtshog Stanken (mka Arthur)


MurdocK said...

Sounds like something that could be a fun little game.

The Marauders are certainly up to it, we may even have enough figs (though not all in the right colours) to run the game in tricorned troops.

Perhaps you could flesh out more details of the situation?
Battlefield map?
Orders of Battle?
General Field positions?

email: arcadian@umpire.com

Frankfurter said...

Well the Soweiter guy needs to accept the idea ... as soon as he does, I'll have information for you.
The problem, of course, will be translation, as I use Koenig's Krieg expanded to 24 man battalions for my games sometimes, but the little 12 man battalions otherwise.
I doubt that there would be more than a brigade of infantry and brigade of cavalry on either side ...