Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Audience

Narrator: We are about to enter the Audience Chamber of the Gallian Royal Palace. As we walk forward, twenty foot tall doors painted in Louis XV blue with gilt fleur dy lys loom in front of us. Beside the double doors stand four guards casting their eyes upon us. Familiar with Gallian Diplomat l'Comte de Rapprochement, our escort, the sergeant momentarily halts ourselves and the Tradgardland Diplomat von Bergmann only briefly. The doors swing open and....
Guard: Monsieur l'Secretaire, l'Comte de Rapprochement et l'Tradgarland Diplomat von Bergmann are here to see the King at the appointed hour.

Secretaire: Oui. Entré, sil vous plait.
Narrator: Within we are ushered to sit at the door edge of a large room by the secretary. Beyond we see ornate tapestries and flor to ceiling wall paintings of battles of Louis XIV, the King's father. The King sits at the far end of the room conversing at table with his Foreign Minister l'Prince de Charade and....
Charade: Monsieurs, welcome. Come forward. [We rise and slowly walk forward with two of the aforementioned guards, Rapprochement and the secretary beside us. We stop near the table as Louis rises smiling.]

The King: Monsuer von Bergmann. I am so very glad to make your acquaintance. Please be very welcome and sit there. I am gratified to see, if I may say so, you look the picture of good health in spite of the vexing incident of June and your cruel injury. May I offer you some wine?

Narrator: A steward pours wine for us and replenishes the glasses of the King and l'Prince de Charade.

Charade: Your Majesty. Monsieur von Bergmann has jouneyed far if not by vast distances but in time delayed by his recuperation at the naval hospital at LeHavre. He brings the news I had the honour to mention to you two days ago from his Sovereign and from his colony in the New World.

The King: Oui. I am pleased to welcome his information in person to contemplate it and more.

Von Bergmann: Your Majesty I am honoured to be received today. Moreover I commence, if I may beg to do so, to compliment you on the skill of l'Capitaine and crew of l'Vengeance who brought me to LeHavre in spite of the unfortunate and unavoidable naval battle with the Britannian frigate Invinceable. The ships suregeon saved my life though it was in doubt. My recovery remained in doubt at the naval hosiptal but the care I was given there with sustained prayer proved to be the ace to heal me. The Sisters of Mercy partucularly cared for me with prodigious diligence. I am so very grateful Your Majesty.

The King: I thank you Monsieur for your very kind remarks and sentiments. You may be interested to know I honored l'Capitaine of l'Vengeance with the Nouvelle Ordre de Louis for his skill in the naval battle.

Von Bergmann: Deserved, I am sure, Your Majesty.

Charade: And now Monsieur, we would be pleased to hear the words of your Sovereign and that of the Administrator of your New World Colony - the purpose of your mission I believe.

Narrator: We pause dear readers for von Bergmann to commence. Sipping his wine he begins saying....


Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, dear . . . the "cliffhanger approach".

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

I doubt that King Louis would deign to stand up and greet the diplomat. He is the king afterall, and would probably remain seated throughout the audience.