Monday, October 15, 2007

Conference between Bastille and the Hurtshog

Conference notes between L’Intendant Bastille and Hurtshog Fahrtz.

Infantry Regiment Sanders / Chicken to be recalled and restored to full strength,
I.R. Relischer under Oberst Pickle is to replace it in Gen. Chevert’s corps.
1st Hottatrot battalion is to be changed similarly for the 2nd Hottatrot battalion.

Nathan’s Nationals (militia) is to form a battalion and march with 1st Black Skirts under Brig. Woad. They will escort a supply convoy and a battery of 24 lbrs to the camp at Offenbach.

The Count L’Beauphaup will attempt to obtain Offenbach’s agreement to the following terms:
One: Offenbach retains its membership and participation in the Soweiter League.
Two: Offenbach shall appoint two representatives to the Frankfurter Bundt to represent its interests.
Three: Offenbach shall accept Frankszonian protection.
Four: Offenbach’s military shall be incorporated as intact units into the Frankszonian forces observing Vile Stagonia.

Ducal Proclamation:


After its insulting note to our great friends, the Soweiter League,
Vile Stagonia instituted a program of covert sabotage and incindarism against Tipplebruder.
In Righteous Anger, our young men have marched to Offenbach to help guard them against similar nefarious aggression.
Vile Stagonian agents have already planted their insidious poison into the body of that fine city!
Misled as to our friendly and wholly honorable intentions, the citizens of Offenbach have given Stagonia a gift of their own valiant forces.
Now, the horrible tragedy looms that we, who should be brothers feasting together, may soon engage in the hateful horrors of battle!
It is this very pestiferous, petty pride that precludes our honorable German communities from enjoying those awesome attributes of acknowledged autonomy. It is this refusal to unite against the criminals in our own midst that yields our fields to foreigners!
Rally to the Right!
Congregate with your comrades in the community of the committed!
Reach out to your relatives and associates afar, that conglomerated together we can grind this beastly boar into sausage!

Long Prosper Frankszonia!!!

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