Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Combat looms on the horizon of Offenbach

Offenbach, of the Soweiter League, has a major army of the Kingom of Stagonia marching upon it.

These forces have been gazetted at Murdock'S MarauderS

While the fate of the Offenbach Tuba Works hangs in the balance it would appear that the 'allied' forces of Frankzonia and the Soweiter Leage have still not settled their designs and designated a command structure...

This 'divided' force is a bonus for the Stagonians, as they may be able to seize the Works and leave the two 'allies' to continue to argue while they take the Works and the spoils...


Stagonian Jeff said...


Stagonia has no interest in Offenbach or her Tuba Works.

Indeed, such rumors have been spread by Frankzonia . . . who have often publicly stated a desire for the Tuba Works.

We suspect that Frankzonia is using these false allegations as a "ruse of war" to get close enough with their forces to capture those works for themselves.

For when we think of Frankzonia, we can only see the wurst in them, for they are truly brats in all things.

-- Koenig Maurice of Stagonia

Frankfurter said...

Did you get my email?
I got a zap that said my ISP couldn't get yours to answer right away ...

MurdocK said...


Yes I did get the message.

I have sent you a response this am.

I shall have more for you soonest.