Monday, October 1, 2007


The harvest is over and now is time for the Wappenschaft . This is one of the few occasions when the whole of the Ducal forces are together in camp. Usually only half the regiment is on duty whilst the others are back upon the farm or engaged in craft activities.But now this is when manoeuvres can take place , when drill can be reinforced and tactical exercises attempted . The troops will remain in camp for around a week , and then having been drilled,organised inspected and taken part in competitions, they will return home and take their place with family once more. This year sees some new units participating as well as observers from near and far.
Pictured above we see a colonel of a Tradgardland infantry regiment entertaining a brother officer from one of the Jacobite families based at Smegby. The week will end with a revue by the Duke himself.

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