Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Fleet sets sail.....

The Tradgardland Fleet sets sail . It consists of : Guld Sill , Flagship,70 guns, 680 crew , 80marines/soldiers, 2 decks ,1850 tonnes. Delfin, 1st rate,64 guns,600 crew, 60 marines/sailors,2 decks ,1750 tonnes. Tumlare,1st rate,60 guns,600 crew, 60 sailors/marines,2 decks ,1750 tonnes. Piggsvinn,2nd rate,50 guns,400 crew,50 marine/soldiers,2 decks,1100 tonnes.Blackfisk,3rd rate,40 guns,300 crew,40 sailors/marines,900 tonnes. Flundra,4th rate,20 guns,200 crew,20 marines/sailors.
Plus 3 transports each carrying around 200 crew and 300 soldiers.

From the high tower overlooking the sea the Duke watches as the fleet ventures forth. He is wracked with doubt, going over in his mind the letters from Gallia.The tower door creaks open and the Duchess appears wrapped in a cloak. She walks over to him and stands with him in companionable silence, each lost in their own thoughts...

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