Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Bastille

The cell door opens "Captain Komnenus are you here?"
A weak answer from a dark corner "Opskilon, is that you, you bast*&%."
"Yes, sir I am truely sorry for missing the attack, it has taken me a while to worm myself into the graces of the guards and become one of them so I can release you. I have brought three uniforms for you and the others to wear while we escape from the Bastille. Can you walk sir?"
"To get away from these damnable Franks we can."
"Then hurry please sir we only have a short time before another guard comes."

Another guard approaches "Maurice, what are you doing down here?"
"I was ordered to escort three guards here to take a man to Naval Headquarters for questioning."
"What is this, why wasn't I told of this, I must get the Captain of the guard here to make sure..." "Sorry Robert but you cannot do that. Quickly help me get him within and tie him up."
"Now, sir, if you will follow me supporting Georg as a prisoner, we should be able to escape notice and perhaps make it home."
Once out of the Bastille, with little notice, the group heads for an inn where they change clothes and Maurice takes the reins of a coach and they head out of town to the west.

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