Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pyromaniacs at Work ???


Reports of numerous wood and brush fires have been reported near the town of Tippelbruder -- home base of the famous uniform provider.

Suspiciously, all such fires (reports vary as to whether there are six or seven fires) seem to have been started on the windward side of the town. Many are suspicious that an agent or agents of the Kingdom of Stagonia are responsible for these fires.

Numerous threats have recently been made by Koenig Maurice the Vile because of Tipplebruder's continued refusal to produce French-style uniforms. Several honorable countries have sent contingents of troops to Tipplebruder to protect them in the event of attack.

At least two of the fires are devastating crops that will be needed for the harsh winter season. It seems obvious to many Tipplebrudans that these fires were set. "Vhere vas deese foreign soldiers when deese fires vas set?" asked one Tippelbrudan.

Where indeed?

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