Monday, August 6, 2007

Troops Headed for Defense of Tippelbruder

Since those vile Stagonians are threatening the safety of the Town of Tippelbruder (supplier of uniforms to many nations), Furst Bruno von Ursa of Saxe-Bearstein is sending over a thousand men to protect this vital supply resource.

It is our understanding that a number of other imagi-Nations have also volunteered troops. It is suggested that Tippelbruder's neighbors might well keep a close eye on this rapidly escalating situation.

Stagonia is vile, I tell you. Vile!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein


Stagonian Jeff said...

"A thousand men? Piffle, a mere pittance. I shall overwhelm them with my cunning."

"Yes, your Majesty".

"We have several vile irons in the fire, Baron . . . many that you do not even know of."

"I'm sure you do, your Majesty. But that sometimes makes it difficult for me to operate effectively as a diplomat."

"Ah, yes. Well then, let me have Rudy bring you up-to-date on our Stollen Strategem."

(fragment of an overheard conversation.)

MurdocK said...

Seeing a situation, not in the interest of the Duchy, Mieczyslaw shall be sending 5 companies of the elite Wojskowo Piechota along with 4 squadrons of the veteran Wstrasowo Dragon.

The value of Tippelbruder should be demonstrated by the rush to the defence.

Frankfurter said...

Meanwhile, a force of three to four thousand men is marching to Offenbach from Frankfurt along the left bank of the Main ...
Proclaiming their willingness to prevent Stagonian exploitation of Soweiter's scattered condition!

Herzog Ignaz said...

Ducal Couturier Chretien de Tiretaine of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn will convey his concern for the welfare of Tippelbruder to the Duke of Cornwall upon his audience with him this week. A regiment of highlanders may be offered as well.