Friday, August 31, 2007

Chronological Notices

In attempting to reconcile the schedules of the ducal household, Chancellor von Schirnhausen has gathered to himself several resources from the astronomical almanac prepared by Monsignor de Chiaroscuro and Technical Counselor von Traun, but is perplexed by certain difficulties of politicial interpretation of the Monsignor's data:

The phases and eclipses of the moon for the century Msgr. de Chiaroscuro provided here, and the Gregorian and Julian calendars for the year, here and here, respectively.

We note, for instance, that the Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria's debut at Schloß Moritzburg occurred on the Feast of the Assumption, normally August 15, as it was this year--a Monday--along with the debut.

Counselor von Traun, as another instance departed for Tradgardland on August 4, sailing down the Rhein the next two days, and traveling by fluyt from Rotterdam to Copenhagen the next two days, meeting the Duke of Cornwall's flotilla as they passed through the Oresund on the 9th. After three days at sea, the flotilla reached the Shetlands, discharging Counselor von Traun, just before being wrecked in a storm the same night.

Monsignor de Chiaroscuro departed Hunsruck on July 30 on his journey to the Banat in execution of his papal commission, completing the difficult overland travel on Aug. 13, entering the Togarastadt on the 14th--Sunday, and spending the following night and day as an involuntary guest of the late Abbot of St. George, before departing the city on the 15th, just prior to the Austrian entry into the city on the 16th.

Taking all of this into account, one can see the importance of reconciling the dates and required travel times to properly organise the affairs of His Grace. However, while it is well known, for instance, that Britannia switched to from the Julian to Gregorian calendar five years ago, among the very last of the great powers to do so, it is also a fact that the Tsarina of the Russias has not yet embraced the calendar.

In order to reconcile the correspondence and embassies of the ducal court, as well as to prevent any misunderstandings in the scheduling of the international debuts of the Prinzessin, now underway, Chancellor von Schirnhausen requests the hypothetical courts of Europe to relate for his reference the calendrical system to which they subscribe. A chronology of other courts' movement from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars is attached above for reference (click for larger view). Further, it would be of great assistance to the Chancellor if correspondence to His Grace were dated with both the date of sending as well as the date of any expected reply, to aid the Chancellor in prioritising correspondence for His Grace's attention.

Grateful for any and all assistance the other courts are able to provide in this matter, we remain your humble servants,
Graf Gottfried von Schirnhausen
Chancellor to Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn

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