Friday, August 3, 2007

Matters Ecclesiastical.........

To Msgr. Baldesar de ChiaroscuroLegatus Missus of the Holy FatherTutor and Confessor to the House of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn
Greetings in the faith to you and yours!
Much as we are grateful for your concern and interest we are unsure whether your time could not be spent otherwise and elsewhere. The Court Chaplin , who conducted the recent and irregular celebration, has been severely disciplined and sent to a chastening mission -field in the mountains.
Of the sincerity of the repentance of the Voivde be assured - it is both sincere and long lasting. We have spoken with him at length and frequently over these last days. The Chaos reigning here is chastisement enough I feel. So do not fear for him or us either- all will be well!
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Archbishop of the Banat of Torgoras
Abbot of the Abbey of St George


Herzog Ignaz said...
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Herzog Ignaz said...

As I am sure your eminences understand, the legati missi are not, alas, free to determine for themselves whether or not the instructions from the Holy Father are the best use of their time.

Having said that, we must state that the more closely the charges are examined, the more concerned the legati find themselves. Are your eminences aware of the completely unsavoury reputation the English guest entertained by the Voivde has obtained in his native land?

Unfortunately, the Holy Office dossier opened on this man admits of little debate on the necessity of close examination of all of his acquaintances and connexions in the Togaras.

Your humble servant,

Msgr. Baldesar de Chiaroscuro, SJ

tradgardmastare said...

Msgnr ,
Did not our Lord Himself befriend those of dubious provenance? We are sure that the Voivde will be exerting his influence over the rather wayward Mr Selwyn. Just because one walks in the country one does not necessarily get covered in manure!
Again , and in the firmest terms , we assure you that your interested concern is unnecessary.
Merely pronounce words of recon ciliation and let the matter end there!
yours fraternally
The Archbishop and The Abbot