Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Points of Order Or Definition

Points of Order Or Definition {Something Like That?!}
Courtesian = A woman of the "oldest profession in the world" serving wealthy clients or those of rank.
Courtier = An attendant at a sovereign's court. One who seeks favors....
Decolletage = low womanly neckware.
For those who may care or need to know, Lady Diana Pettygree (the Jacobite emigré from Isle de Pettygree in the Britannian Channel) and her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade (who really IS Gallian) are neither courtesians nor courtiers though the latter is closer to the mark, or so it seems. I ask the reader to grant me forbearance in this since there is more to them than is apparent to the casual interest. Also neither of the two ladies would be convicted of amorous liasons and would be outraged at such accusations and impertinence, etc. They also have declined to adopt the decolletage designs so prevalent in decadent Germania or Gallia for that matter. Both are protected by, well, that's a state secret.
With prodigious apologies for anything considered presumptious above. Tis the storyline you see that I want to maintain.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I still find your most fascinating lady to be the mysterious OLD WOMAN who appears and disappears so fortuitously.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Sorry to intrude, by it's 'decollete', NOT decolletage (which sounds rather like Marie-Antoinette's beheading).
Monte-Cristan Ladies traveling up & down whole Europe for reasons of their own are fervent adepts of the decollete.