Sunday, August 12, 2007

Queries from the Monte-Cristan College of Heraldry

To their highly Esteemed Colleagues of other Countries.
It is a widely known fact that, among other pet projects, our Prince-President wishes to build a complete collection of full-color paintings depicting the uniform, trumpeter or drummer livery and flags of all military bodies of our Europe and its (ex) colonies. The equivalent of the famous French artist Mouillard plates, with the addition of the musicians’livery, and extended to our whole Continent.

Some twenty young and adventurous artists are currently selected by our renowned uniformologist and painter FL Funcken, executive coordinator of this Encyclopedia. They shall be sent to travel up and down Europe (some will go oversea) to directly record the exact details and colors required by this Presipapal project.

Presently our information is often limited, almost non-existent for such countries as Bratzenborsch, Byzantium, Colonia Julia Equestris, Leder-Hosen, Noverre, Saxe-Murnau, Saxe-Nweilintz, Scandalusia y Cuatrofenia, Skavenberg, Togaras, Vulgaria….

A project of such gigantic proportion can obviously not be carried to a successful conclusion by a single person or country. Without the cooperation of similarly minded Artists and Rulers its failure is ineluctable.

Thus His Proeminency honored the College of Heraldry (a Branch of the Historical Department of the Monte-Cristan Academy of Sciences) with the mission to get in touch with our Esteemed Colleagues of other Countries, and ask for their knowledgeable brotherly assistance. We must confess take we dared to extend our mission to our normal field of research: heraldry, and the related fields of vexillology and the science of liveries. Actually it was on our suggestion that our Well-Loved Ruler added the musicians’ livery to his project –at least the ‘State’ livery worn by the trumpeters or drummers of Honored Regiments.

On this later point, with the exception of Britannia and Gallia, our ignorance is practically total.

We ackowledge in advance with the utter gratitude the effort of those of our Esteemed Colleagues of other Countries who would share with us any pertinent information not yet publicly available. This messge was also posted on the Monte-Cristan official board: please send your information there or, better, make it public on the official board of your own Country.
Dieudonne E. Tronssec, ex-Maire de Freche, Permanent Secretary of the College of Heraldry of Monte-Cristo


tradgardmastare said...

The Duchy of Tradgardland fully endorse this tremendous enterprise and wish all associated with it well!

Nordic said...

The Dutchy of the North will allow the Heralds access to the differnet units so they can record the colors. May there endevors prove fruitful

tidders said...

The Kingdom of Wittenberg will gladly provide any information you need; I'm sure Brother James the famous scholar of Wittenberg will be able to collect up information from the archives too !