Monday, August 13, 2007

The Tradgardland Broadsheet

Residents of Tradgardland watched in utter amazement as John Lethbridge of Devon, England dived beneath the waves to find the sunken steam propulsion ship.

After a perilous amount of time he emerged from the surface of the water like King Neptune himself.

It is reported that he was successful in locating the submerged vessel with a view to its recovery at a later date. All who witnessed the events marvelled at the wonders of Natural Philosophy and members of The Ducal Society heartily congratulated Mr Lethbridge. With him ,and his loyal assistants , they adjourned to the Society Rooms for a time of convivial celebration.

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Herzog Ignaz said...

Fascinated as we are by Mr. Lethbridge's exploits, we fear that the government of Tradgardland, in employing Mr. Lethbridge, has exposed vital caloric technology to inspection by agents of the Royal Society and other organisations hostile to Tradgardland naval interests. We urge that those responsible be especially vigilant in tracking the whereabouts and correspondence of Mr. Lethbridge and his assistants.