Thursday, August 23, 2007

Going to the dogs?

Hmm, comparing notes Le Comte de Buffoon and Pfrank Bach realize they have each received a fine pair of obviously well-bred hunting dogs.
Each gift is delivered with a note on very fine vellum. Each is in an obviously feminine hand saying . . ."Mon Cheri, as soon as I am able, I will be with you. For now, accept these fine animals as a symbol of the passion which you once showed to me. I will soon be able to requite it.-- Your Devout and Ardent Lady".
Le Comte assures his loving wife of many years and mother of his 12 children that he has no idea who this woman of mystery is. Le Contessa is merely amused and teases him about his lady love.
Bach, for his part wonders which of numerous former loves could this gift be from; could it be Queen Cleopatricia Mary Margaret Hooligan of Little Sheba and the Nubile Empire, or maybe the ravishing Mme. de Haute-Maintenance of Gallia; possibly, but not likely, the highwire and trapeze artist and contortionist Angelique; even less likely, the exotic Rani of Nookie; possibly Col. S. Gumby of Britannica's 11th daughter November Gumby or the delight of Bordelleaux Mme. Betty Noir?
On the other hand, the same gift of a pair of dogs and a note in the same feminine hand was sent to le Comte?
Le Comte is not overly concerned and soon has the hounds traipsing after him through the Batrachian marshes, but Bach with his keen instinct for survival decides it is time to call on his old friend and distinguished man of science the astronomer Sir Giovanni Schlepperelli. Schleperlli is one of those men of widespread and inquisitive mind these days who loves a good mystery and a chance for investigation and logical reasoning.

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