Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mob Rule?

The streets of the Banat are filled with a mob. The recent unsettled times have left the populous like a powder keg with ignition immanent! With torches lighting up the night sky they come in twos and threes ,swelling the crowd to hundreds.

They are seeking the recent clerical arrival in the Banat . The crowd approaches where they are believed to be in residence. Shouting fills the streets.....


Herzog Ignaz said...

At the front gate of the Jesuit school, Monsignor de Chiaroscuro stands in his clericals, a silver crucifix and his legatee chain about his neck standing out against the black cassock and violet sash, flanked on either side by Father Boscovich and Father Koncsak.

Msgr. de Chiaroscuro pulled from his cassock a copy of the Gospel according to St. John, and by the torchlight begins to read; intoning in stentorian tones:

"Judas ergo cum accepisset cohortem, et a pontificibus et pharisæis ministros, venit illuc cum laternis, et facibus, et armis."

Translating, then the Jesuit continues:

"So Judas obtained a squad of soldiers and some officers of the chief priests and Pharisees. They came to the orchard with lanterns and torches and weapons."

"What then means this riotous display here today? By whose authority is the repose of this night cut off by this tumult? You recognise on me the badge of my office, and that of my peers here with me, but I cannot see here anyone claiming authority or leadership of this band before me.

"Know therefore that the city, indeed the principality of Togaras stands balanced on a razor's edge. The Empress and indeed the Holy Father himself have heard the plaints and pleas of the people of the Banat crying out for the restoration and protection of order and peace, but how that order and peace will be restored has yet to be determined.

"Two paths have been set before you this day: reconciliation and revolt. The forces of the Empress now gather about the Banat, and order will soon be restored.

"But how will that order be restored? By moderation, repentance and reconciliation? Or by Fire and Sword?

"People of Togarastadt, I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that before you have been set life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live."

tradgardmastare said...

At this point the stones and torches begin to fly. It starts as a trickle and gets stronger and stronger ! The people of the Banat are not in a cllective mood for reason or fine oratory....

Herzog Ignaz said...

As the hail of objects begins to swell, the priests confer momentarily when the elderly Fr. Koncsak is struck on the shoulder by cobblestone flung from the mob. Fr. Koncsak crumples to the pavement. With a shout to the attendants in the courtyard behind, Fr. Boscovich and Msgr. de Chiaroscuro drag the inert body of Fr. Koncsak back into the courtyard. Behind them the gates are swiftly closed, and a bar is heard to thud into place behind it.