Monday, August 6, 2007

A reply to a recent letter..

Fraternal greetings to you. We are delighted to make room for your representative on the Fleet which leaves any day now for Shetland from Smegby. We look forward to him presenting himself directly with us. I will introduce him to the Prince ,if he is not indisposed as he is often these days, if you glean my meaning. I am most intrigued as to the business to be undertaken in the Athens of the North -namely Edinburgh .
Karl Frederick
Duke of Tradgardland


Herzog Ignaz said...

We are delighted to learn that the party of the Duke of Cornwall has not yet departed Tradgardland. Counselor von Traun has brought with him several sketches and prototypes of an advanced corseting system for the use of M. Chretien de Tiretaine, sent by us in support of His Royal Highness' upcoming expedition, in M. de Tiretaine's latest designs which we are sure will be of interest to His Royal Highness.

In Edinburgh, Counselor von Traun will be conducting research into both Prof. Black's late monograph on Magnesia Alba and quicklime, as well as investigation of developments in caloric technology at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Prof. Black's studies on the role of quicklime in dephlogistication is of obvious interest to anyone, such as Counselor von Traun, concerned with pyrotechnic and caloric research.

tradgardmastare said...

We are grateful for your helpful and exact explanations of the Mission of Von Traun and wish him well in his natural philosopical enquires.