Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Ducal Society - a day later

The Duke enters and joins his fellows in perusing the plans ( see above) lying upon the table. There is great excitement coupled with relief - the salvaged steam propulsion vessel is not beyond repair and there are possibilities of making it faster. The Duke's mind drifts off and alights upon the fact that his daughter Alisona is away from the Palace often theses days.

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abdul666 said...

Paddle Wheel... of course.
The patent is soon to be auctioned on Monte-Cristo.
But once you have realized how vulnerable they are, and by how much they decrease the broadside, you understand why the Monte-Cristan Academy of Sciences, Physics & Engineering Branch, R&D Department, is currently developping a ship propelled instead by a screw.
Of course, the decreased broadside of a steamer proplled with paddle wheels could be balanced by the use of our new Short-Barrelled Naval Gun, the plans of which will also be auctioned soon.
Then, the best solution is obviously to outbid everybody in *both* auctions. A warship so twice improved will dread naught from a whole fleet of current Men o' War.
The Board of Lucrative Patents,
Presipapal Palace,