Monday, August 6, 2007

The Abbey...II

Seeing the Vovide pass him the man nods slightly and proceeds to follow Vovide Max into the Abbey, careful to first allow a few other paritioners into the chamber before him, between the Vovide and himself.

He watches for where the Vovide is leading...


tradgardmastare said...

The Voivde goes over to him ,quietly greets him and asks him to state his business.

Herzog Ignaz said...

The bells of the abbey church begin to sound matins, and a man wearing black clericals and zuchetto hurries across the courtyard from the refectory to the church, pausing to glance only briefly at the gathering in the cloister near the church doors.

MurdocK said...
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MurdocK said...

The man nods gracefully in reply.

He removes the china fragment to confirm the facial identity of the Vovide, confident that he converses with the correct man he presents his calling card.

Lew Wzgórzowo, Główny m adiutant Pułkownik Koronowski

beneath this, scrawled in hand-written text, the name of a coffee house near the waterfront.

The man merely says,

He offers the card, concealed within his palm, as he greets the Vovide.

tradgardmastare said...

The Voivde glances at the china fragment and hears what is sais to him. The strain of recent times is etched upon his once fine features. He grabs the man to himself and whispers intentlyto him-
" Answers, I must have answers .Not tonight but NOW!"

MurdocK said...

Reacting like the combat veteran he is Główny Lew Wzgórzowo calmly twisted free of the grasp of the Vovide, a solid mass *bumps* into the body of the Vovide, clearly a brace of pistols secreted into the lining of the mans cloak.

Pointedly, Lew looks around the paritioners nearest to the two of them, if any were looking towards them Lew would take pains to memorize their face and current dress (for immediate action following the services).

Lew then turns back to the Vovide, his manner stern and his voice a low rumble,
"Tonight or not at all." as he ensures the card is still in the Vovide's posession.

Then in a louder voice,
"God be with you Vovide Max."

Lew Wzgórzowo then takes a step back so as to make it difficult for the Vovide to 'grasp' him again.

Herzog Ignaz said...

The cloister around the church is now deserted, and Główny Wzgórzowo sees no one regarding them, all eyes inside the church being turned towards the altar. Just as the organist in the loft above sounds the opening chords of the introit, though, the keen ears of the nobleman hear the door to the campanile next to the church close with a squeaking of hinges and metallic thud of the bolt shooting home.

tradgardmastare said...

The night has fallen .The Voivde awaits instruction or intervention.He sits in the cloisters in the dark and waits..........