Friday, August 10, 2007

More Missing Folks

Last Month, the young Frankszonian colonel, Hielgekeine v. Brattman, had been dispatched with a convoy of Larger, Wine, and beer franks to one of our cousin countries .... (alas, I can't find the note which says which one).
This mission had begun prior to the exposure of the infamous profiteering with adulterated products by Dilbert. Messengers had spurred after the Oberst Hielgekeine not only to warn him about the potential hazards ground into his wagons, but also to prevent his subversion by Cut - me - own - Throat Dilbert, who is known to be a very effective salesman.
Somewhere in the hill country of Northwestern Bohemia, these messengers have discovered wounded teamsters from the wagons and some scattered Hussars. They report being ambushed by either Germanian Bosniaks or Imperial Croats or some similar group of Balkan Bandits.
The young Oberst had rashly ridden into a clump of the foe and been overwhelmed. It is thought that he has also suffered a head wound, but since he was removed, supposedly to be held for ransom, the extent and nature of his injuries is unknown. Further, since there has been no ransom note received, the Frankszonian court is even more concerned that this is further result of either vile Stagonian plots or further sabotage by the Cheese Burger faction.
A reward of a fine charcoal brazier and grill with a good supply of certified, high quality brats is promised for information and / or assistance in the rescue of Hielgekeine alive!

Count l'Beauphaup
on behalf of the Hurtshog Fahrtz v. Frankszonia

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