Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Abbey to Tavern

Lew Wzgórzowo, Główny m adiutant Pułkownik Koronowski departs the abbey lands after the morning services, takes his time moving about the town, twice.

Carefully watching for others whom may be regarding him.

Główny Wzgórzowo then makes his way towards the docks, and nearby the tavern re-connects with the troop of dragoons in civilian clothing, dispatching one to the quay where their ship is docked, in order to relay the contact has begun.

The other dragoons continue with their preparations in the area around the Tavern, should anything go awry in the coming evening meeting, not expecting to meet the Vovide any more, as he has clearly been 'sanctified' within the abbey, it is with some members of the court that shall have to be dealt with, their connections and intentions are less obvious.

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