Thursday, August 9, 2007

Masquerade Program

Schedule of Events for the Formal Presentation of the Urpprinz Honker v. Frankszonia

9 AM: Processional March to the Cathedral
10 AM: Christening Mass for the Urpprinz
11 AM: Recessional Progress to the Palace
12 AM: Congress of Knights (gathering of military leaders from the area, formal luncheon)
2 PM: “Election” of the Urpprinz (simple matter, only one candidate, only family and military officers accredited to the Court voting)
3 PM: Reception of Dignitaries and Representative of Foreign Princes (Orchestral background music composed by Moosart)
5 PM: State Dinner for the above and the Stadt Council (music and dancing)
9 PM: Performance of Moosart’s “Sommeren Nacht” (Opera based on Mid Summer’s Night)

10 AM: Progress from Palace to the Stadt Hoff
11 AM: Installation of new Stadt Councilors from Nidda and Griswald
12 AM: Formal Recognition of the UrpPrinz by the Stadt Council
1 PM: Presentation of the UrpPrinz to the Volkmutterung
1:15 PM: Tapping of Kegs at every corner
6 PM: Order restored on major streets for passage of carriages to the Masquerade
7 PM: Gates of Masquerade Hall opened, Sage Guard in full strength attendance.
(Gallian forces will also be posted discretely on the grounds)
8 PM: Dancing begins and the grand Heraldic presentations to the participants.
9 PM: Formal entrance of Oberon and Titania (Is Titania the Lady Masquerade or the Lady Pettygree? Who is chosen for Oberon? The Hurtshog and Princess Stuftliana are attending as one of the lover pairs ... Who has to wear the donkey’s head?
12 PM: Fireworks

Noon: Inspections by Court Physicians
2 PM: Processional March to Cathedral
3 PM: High Mass, Blessing of Banners,
4 PM: Recessional March to Palace
5 PM: Another grand feast ... which must include many, many ceremonial toasts ....

Monday: Recuperation, recovery, and reconstruction.

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