Saturday, August 11, 2007

A letter that has been printed and distributed to Europa

My People of the Banat
Greeting from your Voivde! I Address you from the Abbey of St George. I thank you for your loyalty in times past, if not present !
I leave you in the care and concern of the Empress to whom your loyalty must now lie. I leave you in her Majesty's benevolent power for posterity. You will once more take your place as her loyal subjects.
As for me I seek Holy Orders here and my family have gone into exile across Europa to a safe place.
I wish to atone for my sins and for those of the Bant. Remember me in yours prayers as I will remember you all.
Voivde of the Banat of Togoras


MurdocK said...

Lew Wzgórzowo, Główny m adiutant Pułkownik Koronowski reads over the printed letter one more time, drains his tankard, then shaking his head 'no' to the inkeep he turns while standing to the head of the dragoons, still in civilian dress,

"Mount up, this is over."

With narry a futher word the men of the Koronet Korpus take their leave to the east...

Herzog Ignaz said...

As the troop of improbably-disguised dragoons ride over the old stone bridge over the Borant, their passage is remarked upon by a pair of figures on a hillside overlooking the city.

"Well, Nebbio," said the smock-clad Jesuit to his valet, looking up from his oil landscape of the river valley and the fortifications of Togarastadt, "it would seem that a letter to the Archbishop of Kalocsa is order. Have Nube get our things together to cross back over the frontier."

Stagonian Jeff said...

Upon reading the report of the "letter", Koenig Maurice smiled. "Almost perfect. I couldn't tell if it is a forged letter or not."

Count Rudolf von Drednoz smiled back at his monarch.