Monday, August 20, 2007

From a Banat of Torgoras Broadsheet...

Following the recent rioting of the Banat populous and sundry chaos a new chapter has began. The Austrian Troops entered the Banat capital yesterday , secured the City for the Empress and executed a number of the leaders of the rioting including the Abbot of St George. A shocked crowd witnessed his demise and returned meekly to home ,occupation and station in life.
It is hoped that this has marked an end to recent unhappy times and a Golden Age will flourish under her Imperial Majesty. An interim Governor has been sent to the Banat and will arrive tomorrow
No further word has been heard regarding the former Voivde or this whereabouts. We are assured of his safety and his reconciliation with Church and State.It is hoped that Holy Orders will bring him joy and concord . His estranged family are currently in exile within greater Europa whereabouts unknown.

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