Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Border....

Debate still rages in the Austrian Headquarters as how best to proceed in the Banat. Opinions are divided betwixt moderation and Fire and Sword.
The Field Officer commanding the force is concerned about the meddling of the Jesuits in matters pertaining to Imperial Administration and the Military. He feels that bureaucracy is being sacrificed by the agents of party interest. Calling for his courier he sends a dispatch rider over to seek out the clerics concerned and asks them to send one of their number to the camp on the border.

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Herzog Ignaz said...

Looking up from his secretary in the spartan cell in the residence at the Jesuit School taken over as his office, Msgr. de Chiaroscuro acknowledged his manservant with a raised eyebrow.

"Monsignor, there is a rider from the imperial garrison at Szeged who asks that a representative be sent to meet with the commander of the garrison."

"Very well, Nebbio, have him rest his horses here, and take him down to the refectory and get him a hot meal. I'll need to finish organising these files for Fr. Koncsak and Fr. Boscovich to use in their examinations, but you must make ready for you and I to depart tomorrow morning to meet with these suddenly zealous stewards of Her Imperial Highness' interests. Nube and Ombra will stay here, though, continuing their work in the demimonde."