Monday, August 20, 2007

Rally round for Soweiter!

From the Frankszonian Stadt Council:
To: The Sovereign Autonmies of Eruopa and the Empire ...

Given the increasing friction between the Soweiter League and Stagonia appears about to ignate a conflagration of serious proportions, the Hurtshog v. Frankszonia has been grinding his brains looking for a better recipe to assist Soweiter.
One ingredient appears to be vital. Given the scattered nature of the league and the small measure of the involved territories, it might be best if the better seasoned powers granted a quick passage to the Soweiter units, which seem to be mostly company sized servings of mixed ingredients.

Further, permitting these units to train and to maneuver with our own forces would perhaps garnish both their and our links to a more potent flavor.
In the interim, the Frankfurter Bundt would be interested in bidding on any surplus production by the TippleBruder Tailors ....

l'Comte d' Beauphaup
on Behalf of His Highness Stanken, the Hurtshog Fahrtz v. Frankszonia ...


Stagonian Jeff said...

You would be disappointed in the output of the Tippelbruder Tailors. They have steadfastly refused to produce "French-style" uniforms.

Koenig Maurice the Nice has politely requested such on numerous occasions only to be rebuffed.

The Tippelbruder output of Germanian -style uniforms is frankly prodigious.

Can their sympathies in the current war even be questioned?

No, they most definitely support the Hesse-Seewalt forces.

-- a friend

Fitz-Badger said...

The enactors (I mean soldiers) in the Soweiter League's armies would be pleased to learn some techniques from our fellow friendly and civilized nations.
Currently, civilian activity is on the rise as we near the end of the summer recess, but further recruitment of League troops is in the offing. Scouts are even now on the lookout for promising young rookies.
It also appears Batrachian forces are beginning to gear up. Intelligence reports, however, make it quite certain the Batrachians won't attack while the Stagonian threat is active. The Batrachians, especially General Soleau, are too proud for that. They will certainly want to achieve victory on their own without being thought of as somehow playing into Stagonian aspirations.

Our thanks again to Frankzonia,
Your Humble Servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger

Frankfurter said...

About 2500 men (infantry, cavalry, and artillery) with supports should be arriving in Offenbach from Frankszonia to defend that locale from any vile attacks by Stagonia ...