Friday, August 3, 2007

(Slight Format Change)

To all Rulers,

You might note that I have moved the "Links" above everything else so that it is now at the top of the page (to your right).

If I have inadvertently left any links off, please advise me ASAP. Do check your links to make sure that they are correct. If missing or incorrect, please let me know either via the comments or email me at . . .

And now, back to the Eighteenth Century!

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

Is there an easy way to put links on my Blog or do I have to put the web address in letter by letter?

Frankfurter said...

Here's what I do.
First, I went to my dashboard (the screen just before you go to the blog itself) and click on "add an element".
Then I follow the directions to set up and name the links section.
Then I go to the target blog, and highlight and copy the URL from my browser screen.
Then I return to my own blog, go to the new links section, and click on the little tools icon at the corner.
This brings up a window in which you can add the URL ... I simply highlite the "http://" they already
have, right click, and "paste"
Then I go to the next bar, type in the name, hit the "ADD" BUTTON and then "save changes."
Confused yet?
I was ...

tradgardmastare said...

I have just had a go and made a real mess of it. Please do not feel that I do not wish to make a link to you all but rather I cannot do so at present . I will try again later!

MurdocK said...


I rather like the change in format, as I was always scrolling down to get to the regions rather than contributors anyway.