Friday, August 3, 2007

Reply to the Open Letter to the Holy Father

To His Serene Highness, Max of the Togaras:

The Holy Father has received your appeal for reconciliation with the same good grace in which it was written, and authorises his legates, your humble correspondent unworthily made their chief, to establish communications with your court to lay the groundwork for a suitable act of faith to dispose of these charges and reconcile your principality to the Church.

The first item to be covered is a review of the ecclesiastical particulars of the Togaras. Could you please provide a brief aide-memoire of the significant personages and establishments of Holy Mother Church in your principality? Such information will be vital in determining whether a permanent establishment of the Holy Office will be advisable as part of the Act of Faith.

Upon receipt of such intelligence as you are able to provide we will begin the practical preparations for our mission to your justly renowned principality.

Your humble servant,

Msgr. Baldesar de Chiaroscuro
Legatus Missus of the Holy Father
Tutor and Confessor to the House of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn

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