Friday, August 3, 2007

A private Letter circulated to all Rulers of Europa...

His Eminence Prince Charles Edward Stuart,
sends greetings to his fellow European Rulers in the name of peace and fraternity!
Along with my esteemed friend , Karl Frederick, I hereby proclaim that a Crusade is being undertaken in the name of the Trinity - True Monarchy.True Religion and True Ducal Authority!
Soon we set sail upon a great Adventure - a toe -hold for one of us and possession of their Ducal lands for another.
I write asking for your prayers, money support and fine claret.All who wish to donate may do so through the TradgardLand Guild of Fishermen , Smegby, Tradgardland.
Your Brother and True Monarch

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Herzog Ignaz said...

Concerned for his majesty's justly renowned keen sense of deportment and elegance, even in distress or misadventure, his grace Duke Ignaz is pleased to dispatch court couturier Chretien de Tiretaine, having just completed the ballgowns for Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria's upcoming debut, along with 20 yards of muslin, tulle and silk to ensure that his highness always looks his best regardless of the fortunes of his expedition.