Monday, July 30, 2007

A letter to Hesse -Engelberg

My dear Major Feldkamp
Due to my notification of a recent ecclesiastical letter to my master the Voivde I must leave immediately for the Banat. I shall ride alone and swiftly. I ask if my hussars could be sent back under escort when able and I thank you for your aid in this matter.
Yours respectfully
Von Trenck
Please find enclosed some Gold coins as recompense for their behaviour


Stagonian Jeff said...

When Count Rudolf von Drednoz informed the ruler of Stagonia of the abrupt departure of Von Trenck, Koenig Maurice the Vile cursed because it was too late to waylay him and blame it on Hesse-Engleberg.

(these men are vile . . . did you read what they did upon learning of the Papal Legates?)

Frankfurter said...

To the Voivode of Banat ...
While Frankszonia is totally neutral in your dispute with Tragardland et al. This recent activity has trouble us, as the three Auto de Fetes of Frankszonia were a considerable expense for our tiny country.
Given our experience in these affairs, therefore, the Council is sending some volunteer missionaries from the Order of Later - in - the - day Saints as well as some Divines from the Anglerican Rite ...
May Blessings Flow Upon You
Hzg, Stanken Fahrtz von Frankzonia

PS ... the attendant huge barrels we're dispatching have usually managed to reconcile God to man ...

Snickering Corpses said...

Colonel von Trenck,

I have conveyed your apologies to Their Graces, and I am confident that there is no ill will for your sudden departure. Your Hussars have had their uniforms returned to them and have been delivered to your borders in a locked carriage. The key and their weaponry have been provided to your border guards pending arrival of your provost marshall to determine their fate.