Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Resistance Brews: Act II, scene 2

The Resistance Begins:

Act II, scene 2: Hochauzerschoff:


* Granny Loomis the Queen Mother (2) ... she has a great interest in artillery and has seen to a
reform and an improvement in that branch of service.
* Stuftliana (0) ... the newly wed Duchess of Frankszonia, an exotic and hopefully fertile little
dish. She has long, luscious, raven black hair, a slightly dusky complexion, and a hint of an Oriental eye slant.
* Lady Rosenschnauz; (1) officially lady in waiting for Stuftliana, but is used for discrete
messages and rendevous. Remarkably devoted to her husband's fortune ....
* Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup ... very Lace ....
* a page,
* a Feldwebel of the Sage Guard, a few musketeers, and some cavalry troopers.

*Foreign guest artists for the Maquerade:
a: Moosart: A young musical prodigy from some little village on the Elbow River, known for his exciting musical compositions, his bright church music, and his fascinating influence over rich, young women.
b: Fettuccine: An Italian dancing master and rake ... survives because he’s also a fencing master. c: Sir Tom, the count Saucie: the tall, dark envoy from Duke Alfredo of Bologna ... middle aged but in good shape, having established himself as a decent cavalry officer prior to this appointment.
d: Mistress Ewewarp: a plump master weaver and seamstress, is the contractor for the dresses and costumes for the masquerade.

*Lady Pettygree
*M. d’Charade , a youth acting as a page to the Gallian Ladies.
*Lady Masquerade
Lt. Gardier: Presumably the commander of the de Saxe Uhlans guarding Lady Pettygree.

The mysterious woman ...
Various girls, servants, and local ladies chattering in background ...

Scene opens in a lavish, large room in some palatial home ... in the foreground, several of the more elaborately dressed coifed women are seated around an elderly but wiry lady whose dress is noticeably severe by comparison. Behind their chairs, a foppish nobleman and his page stand in attendance. Various military figures can be seen near the walls.

Stuftliana: My dear ladies! How exciting that you are come. Mother (she turns to the elderly woman), you see? I told you that these Gallian ladies had daring!
Granny: (snort) Their mothers were daring enough in their day, I suppose ... or at least that’s what we heard.
Lady Rosenschnauz: Now, now, your Highness, these lovely women have traveled a long way to honor your grandson.
Granny: Don’t be pert, child! (Glowers a moment, then looks directly at Lady Masquerade ... and winks) I remember your mother, m’Lady Masquerade, quite well ... and your grandmother. Tell me, did her rheumatic pains remain cured?
Lady Masquerade: I’m proud to say she retained her health and faculties all her life, Your Grace. Granny: Ah yes, her faculties (humorous snort) ... I understand that your own faculties are quite accomplished as well, m’Lady (winks again).

Guiles: Excuse me, noble ladies; but the cool refreshments have arrived, would you mind accompanying us to the balcony? Lieutenant Gardier?

The party rises, and moves stage left onto the balcony, where a table with various bottles etc. and crystals is attended by uniformed servants. A small orchestra is playing a gentle composition. Soldiers along the balustrade, however, are alert and watching off stage. Drinks and sherbets are brought among the ladies ...

Lady Pettygree: That is lovely music, Princess. I’ve not heard it before, but it seems to fit this gentle evening breeze so well.
Stuftliana: Oh yes. The composer is quite a find. Moosart was working for the Wieners, but they didn’t take him seriously
Lady Rosenschnauz: Well, he had to leave Germania after they traced that hilarious air to him. (giggles).
Masquerade: Hilarious air?
Another lady, also giggling: It sang of, well, why certain rulers had to wear wigs ...
Lady Rosenschnauz: Lady Masquerade, my I present Mistress Ewewarp? She is a genius with cloth! You should have seen the polar bear outfits she made for the Ober-Bindlestaff troupe last year!
Lady Pettygree: Mistress Ewewarp?
Ewewarp, curtseying: Your Ladyships.
Beauphaup: Ah yes, perhaps this would be a good time to meet the rest of the team that her ladyship has assembled for the Princess ... Hansel, if you would?

(the page runs back into the room and returns with two men ... one is a young, earnest looking man in an unadorned outfit, while the other is a middle-aged, obviously Italian, fop. Lt. Gardier relieves the later of his rapier as he approaches. )

Beauphaup: Exalted ladies, may I present to you Wolfie, a musical genius; and Pietro, as nimble footed as they come. Moosart and Fettuccine, the Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade.
(The men bow .... Fettuccine fluidly and Moosart rather stiffly. At the ladies’ nod Moosart nervously starts to speak).
Moosart: I’ve composed several new waltzes, a fine minuet, and also a fun bransle for the event, your Graces. I hope you will be pleased with them.
Fettuccine, grinning: Fear not, damesoilles! I’ve heard the pieces, and they will be a joy to dance to!
Stuftliana: So you say, Pietro. But without your help, I would be lost. These European dances are so complicated ... and men and women dancing together!
Rosenschnauz (teasingly): Now Stuffy,, relax. Besides, I know that you and Stanken have been practicing. From what I hear, you both enjoyed it a lot!
(General laughter).
Granny, suddenly, loudly, and angrily: Schiezenhauffer! Watch yourself you, you ....
All, surprised: Your Grace?!
Granny, pointing at a somewhat surprised looking soldier / waiter holding a pitcher of beer: Diesen Klunkcopfen Hundende haf on me his beer gespillen!
Beauphaup shouts: Von Whizzen!
(a feldwebel comes from the main room at a run).
Feldwebel: Mein Graf?
Beauphaup: Since this Bauernklopft can’t walk and hold something at the same time, could you assist him back to the guard room?
Feldwebel: Jawhol, Mein Graf. Kommen Sie hier!
(both soldiers exit)

Granny: I am this happy meeting to disrupt so embarrassed! Frau Ewewarp, could you to a quick change assist me?
Ewewarp: Of course! Your Grace. Excuse us please, my ladies all (she gives Lady Pettygree a quick look).
Granny: I am myself forgetting. Perhaps these gracious Gallian ladies would also your deft hand at curing the damages of wind and of travel appreciate?
M. Charade, their youthful attendant: You are gracious, your Grace, I am sure that ...
Lady Pettygree, breaking in: We’d be honored, coming Michelle?


Gallia said...

By Order of l'Intendant l'Comte de Bastille, Military Governor of Frankfurt Am Main. 24 July 1757.

In honour the friendship between Gallia and Frankzonia, military units and officers of both nations at Frankfurt Am Main are to assemble on the Marschfeld on the north side of the city for special celebrations and speeches.

July 25, 1757 Schedule
1:00 Assembly on Marschfeld
2:00 Parade (Frankzonians leading)
3:00 Speeches
4:00 Feu de joie
5:00 Retreat

Ordre de bataille facing the city and reviewing stand ten toises north of the main road running east and west:

On The Right: Frankzonian Units
On The Left: Gallian Units
Cavalry: On the wings

I have the honor to be,
l'Comte de Bastille
in the Citadel of Frankfurt Am Main

Bluebear Jeff said...

Please be advised that Major Karl von Lager (currently attached to the Saxe-Bearstein Consulate as a military attache) will be attending the masquerade.

He is the second son of Maj. Gen. Otto von Lager of Saxe-Bearstein, 26 years old, tall, dark hair but blue eyes and is rather stiff and shy around ladies of noble birth (and less shy around common girls).

Frankfurter said...

Brig. Nathan to l'Intendant Bastille:

Honored Sir:
We are deeply appreciative of the honor of the right hand post at this review. Given the rather incongruous situation, however, the Hurtshog has ordered me to confer with you on the matter. The Hurtshog flatters me with the opinion that I am perhaps best versed to understand the particular political tendencies among our troops, especially the militia.
Given the situation, I have ordered the militia to fall in and to participate ... and to place between our line troops and your Gallian forces.

Your servant,
Brig. Nathan

PS: Gen. Meyer suggests that you collect a cadre of officers and sergeants to replace certain personnel we hope to dispatch south of the Main "in response to the Stagonian / Soweiter crisis."