Monday, July 23, 2007

Chateau du Prince du Charade 23 July 1757

It is very late on the 23rd. instant as we find l'Prince du Charade in his bed chamber seated at his writing desk. A solitary candle illuminates the agenda he has just completed for the days ahead. Sitting back gently, he slowly swirls and sips the last of some Chevert wine from a fine crystal glass. Though drowsiness now enters his mind, he rereads matters relating to the Foreign Ministry of Gallia one more time.

#1 Duc de Broglie's remarks about his advance to Minden to engage the Britannians for a second time.

#2 Lt. General Chevert's lettre concerning imminent proposed maneuvers into Hesse-Seewald or Saxe-Raschstein.

#3 l'Intendant Bastille's report on the state of the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main, requests for more garrison units, a particularly strongly worded demand that Regiment Auvergne (2 Bns.)and the Rutowski Chevaulegers linger in the city for a fortnight upon their arrival, the completion of the new large jail and of the shifting and multitudinous attitudes of local authorities, disaffected persons and emigrés. As a sidebar Bastille thinks it best the ball be cancelled and that the ladies Pettygree and Masquerade return home without delay.

#4 Report of the interrogation of the few survivors relative to the apparent Byzantium naval action to burn down all of Paris. Inquire if the attempt was government inspired or if the act was one of madness or vendetta solely on the part of the people involved. Scribbled on the side is a note to compose a demand to the Byzantium ambassador or his counterpart to explain.

#5 Interview with (Gallian) diplomat l'Comte de Rapprochement to learn the nature of the Britannian attack on l'Vengeance off the north coast, the state of the health and mission of the Tragardland diplomat von Bergman so cruelly injured in the aforementioned naval battle and finally Rapprochement's story of the river engagement with the Byzantium ships of Item #4.

#6 Formulation of a stronger response to Saxe-Bearstein should the latter persist in neutrality. Consider asking for monetary contributions for the expense of Gallian treasure and blood incurred in the repulse of Frederick of Germania at Lobositz last November.

#7 Report concerning the whereabouts of Lt. Col. Enigma.

#8 Dinner with the King at the Palace of Versailles.

The Prince sets the glass and agenda down. The candle is snuffed out. He rises, takes a deep breath and takes to his bed. His dear wife opens sleepy eyes, shifts a little and places her arm round his chest. The cover is drawn over them and in seconds both are asleep in the very early morning of the next day.

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Frankfurter said...

During their sleep, a folded letter without any envelop or backing appears on the Prince's table. It reads as follows:

Your Highness,
Phillipe asks me to warn you to watch the Margravine Rhabbidiers. There's reason to believe that her exile assignment as counsel/legate to Scandalusia was contrived. Her eyes, ears, and mind are as penetrating as her notorious voice.
Y'r servant