Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spielzeugland is no more

Gentlemen, it is with regret that I must inform you that Spielzeugland is going to be deleted from the Imagi-Nations map.

However, don't think that this is me giving it up, oh no sir, in its place will be the twin Principalities of Leder and Hosen, collectively known as Leder-Hosen.

While offline with computer problems I gave a deal of thought to my Imagi-Nation and to do it justice I need to be able to not sit in front of Babel-Fish typing rubbish into it to get German words and I already had a bit of previous experience with Leder-Hosen from my 15mm private (ie, not public) venture of fictional country creation.

So, I am going to ressurect my old 15mm realms in the bigger scale and start again. Please bear with me and I will let you know on the Old School Group when the blog is up, so that if you will have me Jeff, I can rejoin this group, as I presume that when Spielzeugland bites the dust, I do too?

Sorry to all those who left messages which have remained unanswered and your support has been fantastic.

I have my order for Eagle figures arriving next week, by which time my first RSM's should also be here, so I will have plenty to go at on the painting front.

If anyone wants to get in touch in the meantime my e-mail is

Cya later guys,



Snickering Corpses said...

No need for you to vanish, Frank. I imagine you can stay in the group and just send us the link to your new blog once you're ready to bring Leder-hosen online.

MurdocK said...


No need to dissapear.

Just start the new blog.

Delete the old one.

Continue from there.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Of course you may continue. And I'm not sure, but I believe that your membership in this "group blog" is not dependent upon your country's name . . . rather, I believe that it is hooked to your email address.

So, if you want to let Spielzeugland disappear, fine . . . but don't withdraw from the group. Keep your membership . . . and when you have a blog for Leder-Hosen, I'll post it in the links.

In the meantime, you may still comment on other posts.

-- Jeff

Stagonian Jeff said...

The Kingdom of Stagonia began as a country called "Eaglestein" . . . but then our "great architect" changed his mind and we became "Stagonia".

These things happen . . . perhaps Spielzeugland was originally Leder-Hosen and its name was changed . . . and now it is changing back.

Stay with us.

Frank said...

Oh thats good news guys. I'm glad I don't have to leave.

I got a bit bogged down with Spielzeugland and trying to get everything to be proper German or as near as possible and I found that I was spending more time on Babel-Fish than doing anything more constructive.

I'll not start the blog this time until I have the basics of Lederhosen in place than maybe I won't get off to such a stuttering start :-)

MurdocK said...

stutter, on in words or with the dice and shoving lead.

Just keep posting, clairity of thought was not something that our histerical counterparts were good at either!