Saturday, July 7, 2007

l'Intendant Bastille et Lieutenant Gardier

Frankfurt Am Main, Gallian Magazine Parade, l'Intendant Bastille's Office
l'Intendant Bastille: Managing Gallian interests in the city, a tough master
Sgt. Dumas: Bastille's assistant.
Lt. Gardier: Presumably the commander of the de Saxe Uhlans guarding Lady Pettygree
Lt. Col. Enigma: A high ranking officer of the Royal des Carabiniers and something else
That Woman: A mystery.
Nosiy construction of a large jail can be heard through the office window.
Bastille: [Silently thinking] "I must shut the window. Ordinarily I welcome the sound of that kind of construction project. It does wonders to assist in the peace of a disorderly place such as this. Rebels, deserters, many irregularities, food poisoning, fawning nobility, false faces, that fire destroying the sausage factory and all this with the enormous backdrop of the restarted campaign AND a masquerade ball within a fortnight. I should cancel the latter and send the ladies home. Yet I think there may be some here who can be counted upon."

Dumas: "Monsieur, Lieutenant Gardier has arrived." Shall I show him in?" [Bastille nods as he turns from closing the window."

Bastille: "Good Morning Gardier. I am very glad to see you. Sit with me beside the unlit fireplace. Allow me to offer you some Chevert wine, will you?"

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur l'Intendant. I would like nothing better. My compliments to you." [Pauses to sip, then.] I congratulate you on the speed with which the new jail is rising."

Bastille: "Thank you. The engineers and construction people, all Gallian you understand, are moving at a lightning pace. I think it is helping to slow the ardor of some disaffected elements here. Some of them even left suddenly for Bohemia and Saxe-Bearstein a few weeks ago when I arrived. [Chuckles.] Yet I think there are some hiding behind, shall I say masks of one kind or another?"

Gardier: "Monsieur, we must be on our guard. [Pauses] But I beg to praise you. Your reputation preceded your arrival. Indeed, some of the men, I am told, are quietly naming the jail after you."

Bastille: "Really, well, anything for the sake of order and to preserve the interests of our King but moreover to preserve the army using this magazine to supply itself. Now, if I may, let me mention something to you."

Gardier: "The ladies?"

Bastille: "Oui, Lady Diana Pettygree, whom you are charged with guarding, and her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade. Why the Prince de Charade allows them here, I will never know though I suppose you do -- Gardier? [Pauses seeing Gardier shake his head no.] Well, there are too many irregularities here. I want you to post double guards on the ladies round the clock and prepare measures to remove them to Gallia in a second on fast horses, no coaches you uderstand, should I give the order. Is this clear Gardier?"

Gardier: "Oui. Double guards round the clock, prepare fast horses to remove them to Gallia in the blink of an eye should you order it."

[The two men spend a few more moments in conversation, Gardier departs afterwards. Bastille then walks to the window to see his construction crews continue their task. He smiles as Dumas reenters the room with a note from the mysterious Lt. Col. Enigma of the Royal des Carabiniers. Slipping his hand into his breeches pocket, he smirks wondering where his gold Louis may be. On the dusty street below, he catches a glimpse of an old woman peering up at him. He blinks and she is gone. Shruging, he begins to read....]


Bluebear Jeff said...

Interesting . . . I wonder if any Saxe-Bearstein supporters will show up at the masked ball?

As for Saxe-Bearstein itself, no one seems to know which way they'll jump in this campaign.

It may come down to a coin flip . . . or the roll of a die.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Well, Frankszonia certainly hopes that there are quality visitors from everywhere ... after all, this is going to be the formal presentation of their Urpprinz, Honker, to the world .... The Hurtzhog sincerely desires that this be a peaceful gathering of joy among folks whose communication and fellowship must soon be necessarily disrupted by the terrible conflict arising among the greater powers whose whims so afflict the lesser suzerainities ...
Hzg. Fahrtz of Frankszonia ....