Saturday, July 14, 2007

A proclamation.............

A proclamation from his regalness Duke Karl Frederick to the Duchy and beyond. Let it be known that the period of mourning for Georg has ceased. The Duke extends his greatful thanks to all fellow rulers who have supported the duchy in this terrible week horribalis.
The Duke extends a welcome to all who wish to recommence trade and negotiations or offer their allegiance to him.
The occasion is also hereby taken to reveal the official uniform and hair ornamentation of the Duchy's official messengers.All other messengers not so attired are impostors and loyal subjects are encouraged to report them to the authorities. Failure to do so will end in breaking upon the wheel.
Long live the Duke!

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Frankfurter said...

To our dear cousin Karl Frederick,
While the personal grief in the loss of your predecessor must still influence you, it is the hard task of sovereigns to persevere in their duties.
We have ample sources of timber, iron, wine, and an incredible number of excellent sausages, should you wish to celebrate your ascension with a good bar-be-que ....
On the other hand, should a certain Herr Dilbert contact you for the sale of hair gel, we'd advise you to have agents check the ingredients thoroughly ...

His Grace Stanken, the Hurtzhog Fahrtz v. Frankszonia