Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stagonia Calls on Soweiter League for Aid

Sometime last year our nephew, Georg du Vile, set off to visit the various states that make up your Soweiter League. He has not been heard of since . . . although certain rumors have reached Stagonia suggesting that he is being held captive.

We do admit that he is a veritable pig of a nobleman -- but we would like him returned to us. Therefor we charge the officials of the Soweiter League with the task of locating our nephew. He may easily be recognized by his extremely stout physique and very ruddy complexion as well as his horrid table manners. Please be aware that, like all of his kind, he is extremely belligerent.

If you are not able to find him, I'm sure that the Stagonian army will be able to do so. We hope that this will not be necessary -- but we are willing to send them into your small confederacy if you are unable to locate him.

-- Stagonian Jeff as directed by Koenig Maurice


Frankfurter said...

To the inappropriate Stagonian minister:
While our Hurtshog Fahrtz sympathizes with your anxiety over the state of your missing kinsman, given the rather inchoate state of the Soweiter League, we find the belligerent tone of your notice inappropriate. Therefore we are obliged to lodge this note of protest with you.
L Comte d'Beauphaup
Minsiter to the Duchy of Frankszonia

Fitz-Badger said...

To the representative of the Stagonians -
We have no record of your missing kinsman ever entering our lands, so we must assume he is rooting elsewhere.
The Soweiter League wishes peace with all nations, but we are prepared to defend our sovereignty if invaded.

Fitz-Badger (catching up on correspondence after a brief summer recess)

Fitz-Badger said...

To the esteemed L Comte d'Beauphaup,
The Soweiter League appreciates the friendship Frankszonia has shown us and hopes we can both reap the benefits of mutual trade. As for the Vile Stagonians or other belligerents, any attempt to invade our lands or violate the sovereignty of a free and independant people will be met with such defensive force as we can muster.

Your Humble Servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger