Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Walls Have Ears....

I acquired a little free program somewhere, though I no longer remember where, into which you input the following info about spies:

1) Country Employing
2) Name
3) Location
4) Focus (Either spying, or counter-spy)
5) Skill level (1-6)

Then you click the nice little button, and it rolls dice and adds skills and checks counterspies....and spits out a report.

This shows you for each spy whether they report or not, and how accurate their report should be. There's a chance, if there's an active counter-spy in the area, that they'll be supressed, preventing them from sending a report that round. Or even killed (which also prevents sending a report). For the counter-spy, there's a report of whether he detected any spies, and if so, it may or may not identify who the spy was he supressed/killed and who they worked for.

I say all this to there enough interest for it to be worthwhile for me to volunteer to take a list of the above info from each person interested, put it all into the system, and periodically request the data found by spies from the spied upon party and send it to the party doing the spying?

If there's enough interest, I would be willing to act as a clearing house for this. Thoughts?


MurdocK said...

To do this we would need an email address to contact you?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Stagonia is of course interested in this . . . it sounds vaguely nefarious . . . not completely vile . . . but Stagonia regularly sends out people of low moral character to gather information.

They are able to do this because virtually the entire vile lot of them are of low moral character.

Of course they are interested.

-- Jeff for Graf Maurice von Hirschbock

Richard said...

We would be most interested to participate in this most Byzantine occupation of courtly intrigue.


Stokes Schwartz said...

You bet! Please include Stollena and Zichenau. Contact me for any additional details you might need.

Best Regards,


Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia would also be interested, however, our spies would be much more interested in industrial and commercial spying than military and political!
Either way, I'd be glad to participate just to add more quirks to the game ...
besides when some foo ... uh .. FRIEND decides to VOLUNTEER to undertake some drudgery to make the game more fun, I'm always glad to exploi ... uh ... utilize their generous offer ...

abdul666 said...


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abdul666 said...

Richard a dit...
We would be most interested to participate in this most Byzantine occupation of courtly intrigue.
And how eagerly all historians and philosophers of werstern Urope are wishing for some knowledge of BobXXII's so mysterious Empire!

Fitz-Badger said...

The Soweiter League will be delighted to send ambassadors.
The Batrachian Empire will send its agents as well.

tradgardmastare said...

I would be most interested in this

MiniWargamer said...

I think that was from a satellite of Imagine Image (the folks who make Game Mapper). The link I have for it is:"