Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Battle Looms . . . Can No-one Stop This?

Some ten days ago, a Duchy of the North army was driven off by one from Mieczyslaw at the Battle of Saint Argard. But another clash seems to be brewing.

Intelligence sources have learned that the army under the command of Count Wrede has not only regrouped, but has been re-inforced not only with cavalry, but by a contingent from the Hertzogh of Burtzenia.

The danger is that, as more and more countries join in this fight, a general state of war could break out here in imagi-Europe.

Are there no diplomats here? Can anyone mediate this conflict? Or are we doomed to see blood running into all of the fields and rivers of our lands?

(note: another "Tricorne Wars" playtest is scheduled for Sunday)


Herzog Ignaz said...
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Frankfurter said...

Rumors abound that the infamous Dilbert is developing a mobile sausage factory ... wagons for rendering and butchering; for meat grinding; and for seasoning, mixing, and packaging ....


MurdocK said...

Sounds like no one wants to!