Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mieczyslaw Prevails in Battle of St. Argard

The Mieczyslaw Field Army, under the command of Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo caught a Duchy of the North force under the command of Major General Count Sturri Pal Wrede in tight quarters.

The Count tried to fight his way out . . . but his cavalry suffered severe losses. Indeed, the brigade of Brigadier Halvar Odegarvic was all but wiped out. The Brigadier was captured and only a handful of men from his six squadrons made it off the field of battle.

Generously, Duzy Klarnowo allowed the remainder of Wrede's army to withdraw without further bloodshed.

Battle Honors were awarded to the infantry battalions of Uderzyc Janowski for their role in turning the tide of the battle. Klarnowo also praised the actions of Kierownik szlachta Mosiadzowski, the Duke's cousin, whose Uhlan charge was instrumental in clearing the field of Northern light troops.

Fought near the village of St. Argard in an area claimed by both, it is feared that more clashes will soon occur unless diplomacy succeeds in separating these two foes.

(i.e., another battle scheduled in two weeks).

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