Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bitva U St. Argard

Arms of The Duchy of Mieczyslaw stand trumphant on the field of mars near Saint Argard.

Forces of the Duchy of the North were take by some surprise as Count Wrede was struck into some confusion by the bold maneuvers of Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo.

Rapid moving infantry columns of Pułkownik Koronowski managed to hold off twice their own numbers of cavalry. Standing firm, while the North forces contented themselves in exchanging skirmish fire on the Mieczyslaw left, while two entire brigades of massed infantry stood by awaiting impetus to action.

Mieczyslaw gunners took a terrible toll on the North skirmish infantry.

Duchy of the North Brigadier Halvar Odegarvik surrendered after his elite trotter cavalry force was wiped out during an ill-fated charge against the elite Duża Firma Mieczyslaw Muszkieterowie. Offered the chance at honorable surrender, he wisely took it.

Meanwhile North Major General Count Sturri Pal Wrede while seeing to the deployment of his personal escourt and his medium batteries to cover the general withdrawl now in progress as the Mieczyslaw commander, Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo, had offered to allow this to take place.

Unfortunately the Wieśniak Ułan had already begun their charge, first they swept away the remnants of the skirmishing infantry that had blocked the North artillery so well...then smashed on into the leading formations of North infantry, that was now taking post as rearguard for the withdrawing army of the Duchy of the North.

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