Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Banat calls to arms... An open letter to Europa

Following the hasty and unexpected declaration of war upon the Banat Voivde Max has called the most excellent forces of the Banat to readiness. The Borders of the Banat are now sealed to all - border posts have been checked and are manned all hours of the night and day.
The Voivde calls all men of good faith , especially those of Tradgardian or Togaras origins, to make there way back to the Banat in order to be integrated into the forces of the Banat.
The Beacons are lit. We have defeated the Turkish hordes now we are ready to defend the Banat once more- to victory or death!
Voivde of Togaras, Tradgardland and Hesse- EngelbergPeople of Europa

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