Thursday, July 19, 2007

Inquest Query by Lettre-Cachet

To the Minister of Trade of His Grace Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland
cc: The Ministry of Fisheries of same:

In the course of investigating a matter of some delicacy within the court of His Grace Duke Ignaz, questions of a nature material to the investigation pertinent to the Duchy of Tradgardland have presented themselves. His Grace Duke Ignaz has entrusted your humble correspondent with the task of discreetly uncovering the answers to these questions by privy correspondence to your ministries.

Can either the Ministry of Trade or the Ministry of Fisheries provide the court of Duke Ignaz with a comprehensive list of firms trading in herring or other oilfishes processed in Tradgardstadt?

Can either ministry of your government provide insight into the sources of salt used by said firms in the packaging of their herrings?

Has any of these firms been suspected or convicted of the adulteration of such salt by use of impure mineral salts or compounds such as saltpeter, slaked lime or brimstone?

Grateful for your assistance in this matter, we rely upon your discretion and remain your humble servant,


Msgr. Baldesar del Chiaroscuro, SJ

[sealed by the Privy Seal of Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn]


Bluebear Jeff said...

The PfalzGraf of Stagonia chortled when apprised that the Jesuits were suspecting Trdgardland fishpackers in the 'Kapellmeister Caper'.

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tradgardmastare said...

Msgr. Baldesar del Chiaroscuro, SJ
We can assure you of our good will in this matter and assure you all is well with our Guild of Fisheries. I have contacted the Guild Meister, a member of The Outer council, who will investigate the matter. Any vile anomalies will be conveyed with you forthwith.
Hans Lejre
Secretary to the Palace Guild Committee