Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monte-Cristan queries and worries about Reconstitued Byzantium

Monte-Cristan encyclopedists and philosophers were fascinated to learn that Empress Theodora is Commander of the Amazon Corps. As pioneers in matters of Liberation of Women and Equality between the Fair and the self-proclamed ‘Stronger’ sexes, we can only approve of such titles. But we wonder if the Amazon Corps is more than a Palace Guard, like the fabled Indian Maiden Guard of the Ancients. Are Byzantines ready to jeopardize the Charms of Aphrodite on the Fields of Ares?

Meanwhile the POPP and his councellors are worried by the Byzantine attempt to burn Paris. In Monte-Cristo the State is totally separate from the Church (and from any religious matter), but we are located among Roman Catholic states. Now, someone in Byzantium can discover that ‘Franks’ was a generic name for all Crusaders from western Europe, and that all Roman Catholics are to blame for the burning Constantinople in the 12th century. Reports that Byzantium is currently greatly increasing its fleet are received with some anxiety: are major naval, even amphibious operations in the catholic shores of the Mediterranean to be expected? In relation to this worrying subject, the Presipapal Academy of Sciences developped a devious steam engine to propel warships: our humble Presipality is too small and poorto built even a fregate-sized prototype, but is ready to sell the technical drawings and related rights to any wealthy naval Power. Send proposals to the Board of Lucrative Patents, the Presipapal Palace, Monte-Cristo.


Richard said...

A sloop appears in the main harbor of Monte Cristo, then a cutter approaches the jetty, a Naval Lt. advances up the jetty and questions the harbor master for the location of the Board of Lucrative Patents, the Presipapal Palace, Monte-Cristo. He departs for that location followed by two sailors. Once within the building he requests an audience with the head of the patents office.
Once in audience the Lt. states that "I come from my commander Bob the XXII of Reconstituted Byzantium, with a proposal to purchase the patent rights to a certain steam engine we understand you have the engineering data on. We propose to pay 10,000 Ducats for the rights. I await your answer on the sloop in the harbor.
Good Day Sir.

abdul666 said...

Actually the patent is submitted to a public (albeit secret - names will never be published), so we are waiting for higher bids.
Now, our Prince-President is interested in military matters, uniforms, state livery, vexillology...: Reconstituted Byzantium specially titillates His curiosity. Giving reliable information on these subjects could enhances the chances of Bob the XXII to win the auction....