Monday, July 23, 2007

A hastily penned letter.........

A Carriage Central Europa

To Hesse -Engelberg .


This letter expresses my outrage at your recent letter.I cannot believe your support for the Tyrant of Tradgardland-Karl Frederick! Pray take this letter as official notification of a state of enmity, now and always , to exist between the Banat and Hesse -Engelberg! The Banat will take measures regarding Trade and otherwise to prosecute this state betwixt us!

Vlad O'Donnel

Inner Council of The Banat of Torgoras


Snickering Corpses said...


With regards to your recent inflammatory message, Their Graces wish me to convey that they feel their insistence upon the provision of proof of lineage and claim is not unjustified when calling upon them to assist an endeavor to overthrow a sitting ruler.

Their Graces demand that your state of enmity be rescinded and an emissary dispatched with such evidences of your rightful claim to the throne of Tradgarland as may exist, or a repetition of your refusal to do the same and affirmation of your determination to continue your state of enmity.

Anna Freitag
Under-Secretary for Minor Matters on Odd Numbered Months

Snickering Corpses said...

Stepping out of character, I shall note that Anna Freitag, Under-Secretary for Minor Matters on Odd Numbered Months, is the twin sister of Helga Freitag, Under-Secretary for Minor Matters on Even Numbered Months

Any affront caused by relegating discourse with the Banat to the department of Minor Matters is, naturally, completely intentional.

Frankfurter said...

The Vlad O'Donnel might notice that another sutler with several wagons has joined his muster ... primarily seems to be marketing overcooked sausages ...

tradgardmastare said...

On behalf of The Voivde of Tradgardland,The Banat of Torgoras and Hesse -Engelbeg may I state that a state of emnity continues and will continue ad infinitum. I trust I cannot be clearer in this manner.
yours in enmity
Max Voivde of the above mentione Triple Kingdom