Friday, May 25, 2007

Where it's at! There's no turntables or microphones!

Now with the help of the many published maps I can reveal the exact????? location of the Electorate of Vulgaria! Well except for that whole wormhole lake border with Alzheim-but hey we are making this stuff up! Vulgaria lives in the world roughly in the area of 45'40" and 45'75" Latitude and 20'75" and 25'25" Longitude. The country is shaped like an upside down comma with the tail running along the Carpathians and the round bit anchored in the north of Transylvania.

They are primarily a Slavic people considered too difficult or poor to conquer by the Magyar's when they moved into Europe. Massive German migrations during earlier centuries have clearly made their mark in the Government and Military, as well as the efficient merchant class.

So come, book your vacations and come to Vulgaria; where the roasted pig is sweet and tender and the wine plentiful! But don't bring your army, as our good friends are the Empress Maria-Theresa and the Czarina Elizabeth!

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Poruchik said...

I guess wedged firmly between Moldavia, Podolia, Galica, Transylvania and Hungary.