Thursday, May 24, 2007

East of the Sun and West of the Moon. . .


Thanks to Greg Horne's addition of that wonderful Europe 1740 map (that's Greg Horne from Australia, NOT New Zeland as I mistakenly attributed somewhere online a few weeks ago!), I've been able to pinpoint the ground occupied by the Grand Duchy of Stollen and its immediate neighbors.

On the map, go to the "LA" in Kurland and then directly south the latitude of 55 degrees North , adjacent to frontier of eastern Prussia. That is approximately where Stollen and Zichenau can be found -- more or less. They and their tiny, contentious petty principalities are surrounded by Prussia, Poland, and Kurland -- mosty the latter two.

Stollen and Zichenau don't occupy enough territory to butt up against Russia as reported previously. I imagine Meiczyslaw and Vulgaria figure in here somewhere, so it looks like Irwin Amadeus II, or rather his ministers, will have to dispatch emisaries and, hopefully, be able to set up friendly relations with, and establish embassies within, these two neighboring states. It would be the prudent thing to do. ;-)

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