Monday, May 28, 2007

To the Duke of Alzheim

My Dear Duke of Alzheim
On behalf of Bob the XXI of Re-constituted Byzantium, Protector of the Divine Mistress, I extend the sincerest and most heartfelt wishes to you and your subjects. Our Emperor trusts this letter finds you in good health.
We are travelling with a small retinue down the Oder River to the Elbe to Hamburg in search for Princesses for Emperor's Sons. In order to forge new alliances with Europe following the disreputable time in previous centuries when Europe looked upon us as heathens and sacked our capitol Constantinople. We do not look upon France with any favor whatsoever and would just as soon sack and burn Paris. So sorry for my musings you must forgive me for my revenge filled dreams.
We estimate arriving near the Alzheim border within the month.
Until we arrive
Your Servant
Ali Oli Oxenfrei
Grand Vizer
Beloved of the Moon Goddesses and Nanny to the Royal Horde

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