Monday, May 28, 2007

Growing Pains: Maps and Avatars

We now have 16 'Heads of State' participating in this blog . . . and we are experiencing a few 'growing pains'. What this means is that we need to be considerate of each other and to remember that this is all in fun.

No, no one has been nasty; nor do expect that. But we can do a couple of things to make life a bit easier.


One pertains to the 'bubble map' of our imaginary nations' locations. In some places, our nations severely overlap each other (particularly in the Hesse-Saxony area).

I shifted the position of my own Saxe-Bearstein from Saxony to Bohemia to reduce the crowding (and found that Bohemia actually fit my nation's imaginary history better).

If your nation is one of the one's being crowded, think about whether it could shift its 'map position' to a more open area. Alte Fritz's Hesse-Seewald has a long history in it's war with Gallia. He has noted that with every new 'bubble map' his country has gotten smaller.

Can you shift your country's position so as to return Hesse-Seewald to it's historic borders? They are:

"The northern boundary should include the mountainous area just to the south of the town of Brunswick. The eastern boundary should run along the Saale river line (from Jena to Halle to the Prussian border, just south of Magdeburg). The West boundary is the unnamed river that runs thru the "H" in Hesse Seewald, thru the "Z" in Schwarzburg, and thru the "U" in Engleburg. The southern border looks OK."

If you can see your way to shift the map position of your (after all) imaginary nation, it would be appreciated. Use 'comments' on the latest 'bubble map' post to advise of any positional corrections (so that they are all in one place).


Auston, Murdock, Poruchik, tidders and myself are all using 'avatars' -- those pictures that appear up in the corner of our comments. This makes realizing who wrote what a lot simpler.

I urge you to consider using an 'avatar' for yourself. I use a SYW-style flag (with a blue bear), other use pictures. Find an image you would like to use for yourself. Here's a link to the blogger instructions on how to add it:

Yes, I know that these aren't the clearest instructions ever -- and you don't have to use an avatar -- but it is kind of nice when you do.

That's all for now except to thank you all and encourage more diplomacy and intrigue . . . and to remind you all that we all appreciate comments on our posts (it gets our juices flowing).

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein


Bluebear Jeff said...

My thanks to East Riding Militia (Bishopric of Uber Gruntshuffen) for adding his country's coat-of-arms as his avatar. It is very classy looking.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Another salute to Snickering Corpses (Principality of Hesse-Engleburg) who has become the seventh member of our group to add an Avatar . . . in his case, a flag from his army (Black cross on Red, with central White oval containing Blue cat rampant regardant).

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Jeff, I've already grotesquely limited Frankszonia by going with the quasi historical Frankfurter ... using the historical map of the territory of Frankfurt on my blog.
I figured it would help play here because that's the set up for inclusion in Bill and Fritz's game ...
PS ... such overlaps could be the genesis of a slew of inconclusive "victories" no?

Frankfurter said...

okay, I got a picture into my blog ... but how do I turn it into an "avatar"

East Riding Militia said...

To turn my picture into an avatar I did this:
1 - open the blog in edit mode, click on edit for the page element that has the picture in it
2 - right click on the picture, then click on 'properties'.
3 - Highlight the http address that you are given, right click and then click copy.
3 - back into the blogger dashboard and into edit profile. Find the 'enter picture URL' and paste into box. click update.