Monday, May 21, 2007

Poruchik, Beria and the Elector meet!

In the highest room of the castle in Schweingrad the Elector Donislov I sits, with his Chief of Diplomacy Levrenti Beria, in front of roaring fire; wine, cheese, sausages and a chess board adorn the table.

A Grenadier announces from the portal to the room; “Major Poruchik and escort sire!”

“Yes, yes send him in!” replies the Elector, and to a figure at the side, “Another plate and glass for my friend the Major.”

The command to send in Major Poruchik was a small formality and unnecessary as the Major has free access to all chambers in Schweingrad; such is the authority of the Intelligence Officer and the trust the Elector places in him.

“Sire, I bring news from our Northern border.” announces Poruchik. To his right and slightly behind him stands a young officer from the Hosok Tere Hussars.

“A man of yours Poruchik?” queries Beria, nodding towards the Hussar Officer.

“A man of the Electors and trusted by me!” replies Poruchik.

“Stop you two, I’ve had one too many glasses of wine to negotiate new settlements between Intelligence and Diplomacy tonight.” commands the Elector. Major Poruchik nods his acceptance of the Electors command.

"I had only thought to establish the Officers credentials Sire.” offers Beria.

“Oh I know what you thought to establish Beria, and if you two are unable to find a way to coexist in Schweingrad, I shall send you to the Empress in St Petersburg and Poruchik to the Empress in Vienna! A fine pair of play things you two would be also!” the Elector retorted.

“Now have a seat Major and tell me what this is about.” The Elector motioned to an empty seat, between him and Beria, now set with glass and plate. Poruchik sat and the Hussar took a spot again just behind and to his right at attention; conspicuously between the Major and Beria.

“We have a report of an Alzheim encroachment on the plateau overlooking our shared lake.” stated Poruchik, allowing a moment for the weight of that statement to be felt before continuing. “Our patrol is in contact with an unknown number of Alzheimers on the plateau. In fact young von Stahl believes this to be an invasion.”

“What do you think Major?” asked the Elector.

“Von Stahl has shown excellent tactical ability; however, he can be a bit rash at times. I selected him for this operation in hopes that he will continue to mature as an Officer in the Army of Vulgaria. Initial reports from our men assigned with him suggest that he is positively developing in the field as a commander.

Those same men were able to forward information regarding this new incident to our young Hussar Officer here, fortuitously in the area on leave. As a result of analyzing that information and questioning this young man I’m not convinced that this incident is an invasion.” replied the Major.

“Did you see any signs of an invasion young man?” asked the Elector of the Hussar Officer.

“No Sire, the road between Schweingrad and the lake are completely clear as is the surrounding area.” responded the officer.

“How fortuitous indeed that he happened to be home on leave in this very area of operation at this very moment in time, eh?” insinuated Beria.

“This young Officer is to be commended Sire, he encountered a patrol of our irregular horsemen in the area and commanded them to ride to the plateau to investigate and report back to Schweingrad their findings. I expect that we will have additional news within the day.” added Poruchik.

The Elector picked up his wine stating; “Well done son! See that he is rewarded Major; perhaps a promotion!”

“I certainly will Sire.” Responded Poruchik, and turning to address the Hussar, “You are dismissed; however, wait for me at my headquarters.”

The Hussar saluted and left with the hint of a smile on his face.

After the Hussar had left, Beria asked Poruchik; “What does this mean? I have just sent a delegation to Alzheim and they were accepted. We have had less then satisfactory relations with the Alzheimers over the last few hundred years! Everything was beginning to look better. Should I recall our people from the road?”

“The Duchy has been heavily fishing the lake and naturally we thought it was in anticipation of a new campaign against us. The mission to the lake was to more closely observe this behavior all under the auspices of some non-existent poaching. We have verified that they are taking fish, but not in numbers that are overly alarming.

Bear in mind that the whole continent is ripe for war. We ourselves have begun to store grain, pickled vegetables and smoked meats in anticipation of the event. There are multiple problems with many of the smaller states and the major Empires are actively looking for a spark to move our world into the chaos that is War!

I suspect that what is occurring on the plateau is outside of the plans of Augustus Rex or any of his ministers. There appear to be no signs at the moment of an invasion only an incursion. We don’t know the scope of the thing yet although we should shortly.

I would recommend mobilizing a couple of squadrons of Hussars and sending them to the lake with a section of Artillery. The official reason can be to celebrate the promotion of our young messenger to his Captaincy. If nothing is amiss when they get to the village of Hosok Tere they can fire a few celebratory salvoes over the lake and return.

At the same time we should send a messenger to St Petersburg to enquire about moving up the planned exercise to our south with the Czarina’s forces. This will cement our dedication to St Petersburg and it is a good time to have a few regiments of Russe bivouacked with us.

We should send a few additional staff with specialized talents to the Court in Vienna. And we must absolutely try to maintain good relations with our neighbors north of the lake. Beria keep your delegation moving to the Alzheims Capitol and when they arrive have them invite a similar delegation to visit with us.” replied Poruchik.

“What if you are wrong Major?” asked the Elector.

“If I’m wrong then there will be war with Alzheim. Vulgaria as well as the Duchy will be gobbled up by the Russe or the Empire or Germania, our larger neighbors, in their desire to be at each other and you Sire may have my head on a pike at the approaches to your castle.” confidently replied Poruchik.

“I like the sound of that!” quickly added Beria.

“Stop! There will be no heads on pikes, you are my son’s dearest friend and I consider you a part of my family Major.” inserted the Elector with a stern look at his Chief of Diplomacy.

“Sire, Vulgaria does not have a monopoly of rash young men; I'm sure Alzheim has her share also. Rash young men can be used to drive countries apart or together. There has been peace between Vulgaria and Alzheim since 1720. Let us wait and see what the next few days bring.” offered Poruchik.

“Sound advice, my faith is not misplaced, do as is required Major!” commanded the Elector.

“Sire, Beria, if you will excuse me, I need to prepare our newly appointed Captain for a trip to St Petersburg.” replied Major Poruchik as he got up and left the room.

“Are you sure of the Major Sire, he has ‘people’ it would seem everywhere?” whined Beria after Poruchik had left.

“Please, my friend, we have been together a long time, there is room in my staff for both of you and your fine skills. Now let us enjoy another glass of wine and a game of chess before the evening gets too old.” insisted Donislov.


Bluebear Jeff said...

The Duchy of Mieczyslaw must be very close to you . . . perhaps seeking their aid on the diplomatic front might be worthwhile.

-- a friend

Bloggerator said...

Pff, two handsome young men out on a perfectly innocent picnic and poetasting expedition.

A causus belli indeed! Only a very ignorant personage could think this so!


v. Horn
Sec'y to
HM Augustus II Rex,
King in Alzheim.